AWESOME JOB! Those are the first words that come to my mind as I reflect on the excellent contribution that you made for Southeastern Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SEC) helping us during our winter storm which began on November 27,2005. As you know all too well, the rain, sleet and snow all combined to provide the perfect conditions for one of the nastiest storms and system wide damage that we have ever seen in this area. Not only was it a large section of our lines on the western edge of our project, but it extended several hundred miles north and south affecting tens of thousands of Electric Cooperative members in cities in a three state area.

On behalf of the SEC Board of Directors, Management, Staff, Employees and most
importantly our Members we want to "THANK YOU" for your contribution during
some extremely nasty South Dakota weather conditions. With your help we were able to get service restored to about 800 members in just a little over a week with many of them back on during the first few days as we frantically worked to put up three phase lines along SD Highways #44 and #18. Based on our best estimate we had over 1,300 poles down and numerous line breaks. In the whole scheme of things we had over 125 people (Linemen, Mitchell Vo. Tech. Line Department students, equipment operators and general help) working to get power restored quickly, efficiently and most importantly - SAFELY.Ron Globke - West Operations Manager | Southeastern Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Marion, South Dakota