When you need to get the job done right, on time and on budget, you need Knodel Contractors.

Our reputation for reliable, prompt and cost-effective service has enabled us to expand the business, the number of employees and inventory of equipment. Knodel Contractors operates numerous crews during the height of construction season. Our fleet of equipment includes excavators, loaders, dozers, conveyors, lowboys, graders, rollers, compactors, water and pump trucks, and a large collection of side dump trucks and trailers.

Our Services

Licensed in numerous states, Knodel Contractors specializes in site preparation; road construction; demolition work; environmental and emergency clean up; dirt, sand, rock and gravel hauling; debris removal; and mining work. Knodel Contractors does everything from new construction site prep to road work, underground tank removal to cleaning up after tornadoes. We also work on State and Federal government projects. There’s nothing we can’t do.

Whatever your job, Knodel Contractors can do it right, on time and on budget.

Dirt, Sand, Gravel, & Rock

Knodel Contractors has hauling mass quantities down to a science, thanks to our high performing Side Dump Industries trailers and highly experienced crew. Our side dump trains have up to four times the hauling capacity of a single dump truck. The fifty degree dumping angle means we don’t spend time shoveling out the beds, and we can place dirt, sand, gravel or rock on the run. All this means we do more in less time at a greater cost savings. How’s that for a load off your mind?

I had a pleasure lake project in mind and had called several contractors. The other contractors had plenty of excuses about the conditions not being ideal, too wet, etc. I had begun work on the lake and needed a contractor to finish it out to a proper depth on the deep side with larger excavating equipment. Kelly and his crew came in and did exactly what I needed. They deepened the one-acre circumference lake, hauled in beach sand and rock all around the circumference. The thing I really like is that Kelly was willing to do what I needed…no ego involved. Yet he was great about offering up his wisdom and advice when he thought appropriate; which I appreciated. Kelly Knodel is flexible and certainly not afraid to tackle anything. He had previously done some stock dam reconstruction and restoration for me. I would absolutely recommend Knodel Contractors to anyone.
Marc Svartoien

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Bringing down the house

Kelly Knodel of Knodel Contractors uses his excavator to take down the Klasi House on the site of the Prairie Arboretum being built near the