Hauling Dirt, Sand, Gravel, & Rock

Knodel Contractors has hauling mass quantities down to a science, thanks to our high performing Side Dump Industries trailers and highly experienced crew. Our side dump trains have up to four times the hauling capacity of a single dump truck. The fifty degree dumping angle means we don’t spend time shoveling out the beds, and we can place dirt, sand, gravel or rock on the run. All this means we do more in less time at a greater cost savings. How’s that for a load off your mind?


If you need any demolition or excavation work done, Knodel Contractors is on the job.  We have the demolition and excavation equipment to handle any size project including demolishing multi-story buildings, grain elevators, houses, water tanks and towers, clearing land and forests, digging private and public ponds and lakes, crushing concrete, and moving mountains.  We can do it all.  And we do it all very well.

Site Prep/Road Construction

If you are planning a building site or road, let Knodel Contractors help you pave the way with the expertise you need for the site and road construction work. We have the equipment and man-power necessary for stripping top soil, hauling dirt, sand, gravel or rock, filling and compaction, site surveying, and so much more. We specialize in governmental, industrial, commercial and private construction. Give us a call and let’s get it done together.

Debris Removal

When it comes to debris removal, Knodel Contractors takes care of the heavy lifting. We haul and dispose of items of any kind, including trees, wreckage, vehicles, building components, sand or gravel and personal property. If you want it gone, just say the word. There’s no job too big or too tough for us to handle.

Environmental Cleanup

Knodel Contractors is specially trained to handle the removal and cleanup of solid, liquid and hazardous wastes, as well as underground fuel tank removal and contaminated soils. We cooperate with engineers and environmental agencies to ensure the property is left clean and safe. We also handle concrete crushing and asphalt recycling. We’re proud to do our part in making our world a better place to live.

Emergency/Disaster Services

When disaster strikes, Knodel Contractors strikes back with quick, efficient emergency management and disaster services. We can help in the aftermath of tornadoes, floods, fires and other disasters, working fast to remove debris, provide environmental cleanup, perform any necessary demolition and restore the area. It’s not just your emergency. It’s our emergency, too.