Dear Jill: I am so glad that you are pleased with the "Tank Yank" that occurred right in the middle of your driveway. It is nice to know that Knodel Farms is a responsible, conscientious contractor who makes the experience as painless as possible for the people we must inconvenience. I am especially pleased to know that a tank so close to your home has been removed safely. Thanks for writing, Jill. You made my whole day. Sincerely,
William J. Janklow - Governor, State of South Dakota
1979-1987, 1995-2003
AWESOME JOB! Those are the first words that come to my mind as I reflect on the excellent contribution that you made for Southeastern Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SEC) helping us during our winter storm which began on November 27,2005. As you know all too well, the rain, sleet and snow all combined to provide the perfect conditions for one of the nastiest storms and system wide damage that we have ever seen in this area. Not only was it a large section of our lines on the western edge of our project, but it extended several hundred miles north and south affecting tens of thousands of Electric Cooperative members in cities in a three state area. On behalf of the SEC Board of Directors, Management, Staff, Employees and most importantly our Members we want to "THANK YOU" for your contribution during some extremely nasty South Dakota weather conditions. With your help we were able to get service restored to about 800 members in just a little over a week with many of them back on during the first few days as we frantically worked to put up three phase lines along SD Highways #44 and #18. Based on our best estimate we had over 1,300 poles down and numerous line breaks. In the whole scheme of things we had over 125 people (Linemen, Mitchell Vo. Tech. Line Department students, equipment operators and general help) working to get power restored quickly, efficiently and most importantly - SAFELY.
Ron Globke - West Operations Manager | Southeastern Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Marion, South Dakota
I had a pleasure lake project in mind and had called several contractors. The other contractors had plenty of excuses about the conditions not being ideal, too wet, etc. I had begun work on the lake and needed a contractor to finish it out to a proper depth on the deep side with larger excavating equipment. Kelly and his crew came in and did exactly what I needed. They deepened the one-acre circumference lake, hauled in beach sand and rock all around the circumference. The thing I really like is that Kelly was willing to do what I needed…no ego involved. Yet he was great about offering up his wisdom and advice when he thought appropriate; which I appreciated. Kelly Knodel is flexible and certainly not afraid to tackle anything. He had previously done some stock dam reconstruction and restoration for me. I would absolutely recommend Knodel Contractors to anyone.
Marc Svartoien
Some of our roads were torn up during the Keystone Pipeline project, due to the heavy usage by all the construction equipment. Knodel Contractors was hired to repair those roads. In particular, Knodel Contractors had to fix the sub base on one gravel road and they did a great job. Despite some pretty wet weather, Knodel’s team leveled the surface, laid fabric on the bottom and hauled in and distributed crushed rock and touched up the sides. The conditions weren’t ideal, but they got the job done well, all while maintaining a heavy flow of truck traffic. I’d recommend them to anyone.
Jerry Bateen - Beadle County Highway Superintendent
Huron, South Dakota
We want to thank everyone for their kindness during the time the tree fell upon our house. Especially we want to thank Knodel Contractors for being willing to come and take the tree down even though is was the Fourth of July. We want to thank all their workers, for the excellent work in doing a very difficult job. We also appreciated the courteous and respectful behavior they showed while working here. May God richly bless you.”
Ruth and Curt Preheim
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kelly Knodel of Knodel Contractors on several levels; his company has done work for me on a government basis, for my company, Stern Oil and for me personally. Knodel Contractors has done demolition, site prep and road construction work for the city of Freeman, SD. Even when faced with weather related incidents and other unforeseen obstacles; he’s always completed projects ahead of schedule. The wealth of experience, resources and expertise he brings is invaluable, especially when there are unexpected problems with a project. I think that’s where his breadth of knowledge…equipment, materials, engineering and structural…really make a difference. He takes a personal pride in doing the job right. Another great attribute of Kelly is his great sense of cooperation, respect and admiration for other contractors working on a project. He understands that it is a team effort and has good rapport with other professionals. I have recommended Kelly several times and will absolutely turn to his company again.
Scott Stern - Stern Oil
Freeman, SD