Tanks removed

DIGGING FOR TANKS­–Knodel Farms was in Scotland May 29 digging up fuel tanks.  The digging that is pictured here is just north of Scotland Elementary.  Two tanks were removed from this area.   One of the tanks had been placed in the old coal bin which was like a concrete vault.  This project is being funded by the state in an effort to clean up South Dakota.  (photo by P Schelske)

FUEL TANK REMOVAL–This is just one of the two fuel tanks that was removed from the Scotland Elementary May 29 as part of the Spruce Up South Dakota campaign which began last year.  Fuel tanks from around the state are being removed free of charge to the landowner.  This is just one of the efforts that Scotland and the state are doing to help clean up the city and the state. (photo by P Schelske)